Meticulously researched and developed the advanced formula for its products, to enhance the lifestyle of every individual.
Distribuiting The Best Quality Product

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Nutricos Ceuticals, Inc. is becoming a forerunner in skin care and supplement products We are the official authorized distributor of unique supplements and solutions such as TR Zell Supplement, and many other new brands. The company is already expanding their products from small to medium companies including cosmetic retail store, beauty spa, pharmacy, beauty clinic, and dermatologist market and now it’s already expanding their distribution network to the rest of the world including the market in China, Middle East and the USA.

Your Satisfaction is our Satisfaction

With a team of over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry and professionals, Perfect Choice Trading Inc. provides their distributors and customers with comprehensive and thoughtful services as well as the best high quality products and is optimistic that their products will become the one of the next innovation in beauty skin care. The subsidiary company, Nutricos Ceuticals, Inc. coordinates with Perfect Choice Trading, Inc. and offers a wide array of products We value our customer so we always provide 101% respect to our customer and doing business honestly, fairly, and professionally to ensure the success of Nutricos Ceuticals Inc and Perfect Choice Trading Inc.

Providing only the most organic and natural based product

Over the years, Nutricos Ceuticals has meticulously research and developed the advanced formula for its products, and is making sure to accomplish significant rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits to enhance the lifestyle of every individual.

Nutricos Ceuticals Inc continues to distribute and bring only products that are safe and focused helping to fight aging and boost cells renewal effectively. All our anti-aging products are aproved by their respective laws and safety standards before we promote them; that is why when you see our products, you can be sure that the product went through excessive evaluation and research to make sure that our clients gets the best quality possible, ensuring this way; the satisfaction of our clients and their continuous service.

Our Mission, Our Vision

Our mission is very simple, we thrive to provide and promote the best innovative and original anti-aging product in the market and to make a REAL difference in people’s life in their struggle to find the best solution to fight aging and other issues caused while people age.

Our Vision is to continoulsy searching for the next big thing in anti-aging and solutions and bring you the best anti-aging product at the best affordable price making it accessble for everyone in the world.