Transdermal Celular Therapy Serum
tomato stem cell serum anti-wrinkle and remove signs of wrinkle

SwissZell Transdermal Cellular Therapy Serum is the latest revolutionary biotechnological innovation from Switzerland. It provides skin cell rejuventaion and regeneration to the specific area of application.

Over the years of research and development experience in cellular therapy by our team of Swiss, German, American, researchers and scientists, our Swiss laboratory has perfected a powerful formula that comprises a potent blend of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants and botanical extracts. Processed using our proprietary transdermal nanotechnology, it provides a super-highway for SwissZell's elements to reach your skin's dermis and subcutaneous tissues, unlike any other skin products in the market.

As aging, your skin’s stem cells begin to lose capacity in self-renewal. You start seeing the signs of aging that make you look much older, such as wrinkles, fine lines, pigments, and dark spots caused by environmental stress. SwissZell provides the powerful active ingredients that can rejuvenate your skin. Through boosting natural collagen induction and elastin synthesis, these ingredients can visibly reverse the visible signs of skin aging and effectively help you restore and maintain firmness and elasticity.

Advanced Nano Technology, Allowing Better Absorption

As the public becomes more aware of all the benefits associated with cellular therapy skin care, SwissZell does not only focus on ingredients inventions, but also on producing technology development. With numerous researches and experiments, SwissZell’s skin specialists utilize the advanced Nano Technology to help ingredients to be absorbed into the outermost cells of the epidermis easily, allowing for almost immediate skin cell renewal and nutrient absorption.

With regular use, you can erase the appearance of wrinkles with fresh, new skin cells thanks to the scientific breakthrough ingredients in SwissZell Stem Cell Therapy. SwissZell combats aging while delaying senescence of skin cells, helps you preserve the youthful look and vitality.

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